The integrated weather data interpretation software originating from our weather stations services the agriculture and irrigation industries.


Graphs and tabulates temperatures, rainfall data, ETO (Evapotranspiration) and more.
Interactive tools and models that can help make pest management decisions based on conditions at your weather station.

Weather Stations

Weather Stations. iLeaf weather stations utilize 10-day weather forecasting by a leading South African meteorologist. iLeaf is compatible with all types of weather stations

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Decision-making software inherent to our weather stations accurately determine (amongst others) spray dates and spraying conditions according to prevailing weather conditions.

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About US

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iLeaf weather stations evolved from a necessity and a requirement for modern day farming to incorporate older software. Furthermore this new technology was required to a complete seamless integration of raw weather data and weather predictions by incorporation existing models. Previous Agrisoft weather station versions lacked in this regard as it only utilized weather data until last download or on a weekly basis.

Recent developments in GPRS technology and web-based software have made it possible to access real-time weather data forecasting. Weather stations transmit data hourly to a central cloud server. Here it is processed in forecasting models and presented as recommendations in the form of web pages, accessible by iLeaf.

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